Stop Thinking Like A Mom

It took me some time to think on what I thought this first post should look like. I thought about all these different topics (over thinking them all) and it took a major event to bring me to what’s coming up in the next few paragraphs. Major events tend to do things like rock your world enough to challenge your thinking and look a little deeper.

One of my littles has had some ongoing urological issues. We have kept watch on these issues since he was smaller but now that he is older, they have gotten a little more complicated. These complications led to him having an impromptu surgery following a visit to the emergency room recently. Leading up to these recent days, we have been praying for him and that God would protect his future offspring. We knew that the enemy was trying to harm his seed and the future prophets, missionaries, and evangelists that our son is sure to produce by the grace of God. We knew that we were going to have to been in full battle against the enemy to keep his plans from seeing fruition. While walking through this battle, I would find myself saying things like, “I can’t believe the enemy doesn’t care who he attacks.” Knowing that I was crazy for even thinking like that. Here I was thinking like a mom, wondering what was wrong with the enemy. The enemy was doing what he always does. Trying to steal, kill and destroy(John 10:10). While all I could conjure up in my head for a brief moment was, “My poor baby”, the devil could only see his demise coming from “my baby’s” offspring.

Thinking like a mom can get us into trouble during spiritual warfare. We can be so wrapped up in the “my poor baby” thinking that we totally miss the fact that there is an enemy out there who doesn’t care how old our children are or how cute they are or who they belong to. The only thing he sees is a soul that he wants to keep from seeing salvation. Born or unborn. Looking at the truth of this matter will help us to know what we need to pray for our children and know how to stand in the gap for them and others. “Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8) . The enemy has no boundaries on his prey. Our children are not set apart in his eyes. They are just tasty morsels of flesh for his insatiable appetite for the soul.

Its great to think like a mom when we are caring for our children’s physical needs, but when it comes to their spiritual well being we have to be warriors that are well trained and ready for battle. Dressed in arms (Ephesians 6), sword in hand, ears perked and eyes wide open. Being ready and alert gives us much more ground than we have when we are seeing through rose colored glasses. 

Now don’t panic! I’m sure some moms could just about hyperventilate pondering these thoughts. So let me give you some mental serenity. We have a God who is well prepared to stand with us as we fight the spiritual battle waged against our children. He has foreseen it all and knows the end. Releasing the care of our children to their real Father releases us from our false sense of control and gives God the room He needs to make them as great as He intended them to be. Time for us “smothers” to peel back the fingers and let Jesus wrap His fingers around the people we love.

From one smother to all of you, Good Night!

J.E. Berry

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