Nominated for Leibster Award for New Blogs

A precious sister has nominated me! Karen Sweeney-Ryall over at has been sweet enough to nominate me for this award. Run over to the site for encouragement and get connected with the community. As part of this fun, below are some fun get to know me facts!
1.  What is the burning passion in your heart?

To see people liberated from spiritual bondage through JESUS!

2.  What are your hobbies and interests that bring refreshment and joy to your soul?

My favorite place to find refreshment is on a campground/cabin or a beach.

3.  Where is your favorite spot to sit and fellowship with God?  How do you set an atmosphere?

I love to meet God in my walk -in closet with the lights out. It’s so peaceful.

4.  Describe your 3 best qualities.

My best qualities according to me are, cooking (I make a mean peach cobbler), innovation (I can make something happen out of just about anything or hardly anything), obedience (above all I want to obey my Father at all cost)

5.  Who is your favorite author? Francis Chan, He’s so unapologetic.

6.  What is your favorite quote? “Why use any other sense, when common sense will do?” -unknown

7.  How do you like to start off your day? Before I move an inch, I like to pray.

8.  Please share a little about your family or favorite significant people in your life?

My family is an adventure all by itself. My five littles are full of imagination and wonder and my awesome husband is one the most loving, supportive and generous person I know.

9.  Who has been your greatest role model? My greatest role model has been, my mom. She demonstrates grace and long-suffering in incredible ways that I hope to emulate.

10. What are your favorite foods? I absolutely love…..Sushi and Monkey bread with lots of cream cheese frosting!

11. What are 3 goals you have this month? This month my goals are to be brave, Survive She Speaks conference and to be present and make incredible memories with my family.

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