Set Free To Be Set Apart

Exciting News! My next book baby is on the horizon! SETFREE cover image

After much prayer and direction from the Father, I am finally ready to release this message out into the world. I believe that message in the pages of Set Free to be Set Apart is vital in our world today. Our world is struggling more and more each day with identity and purpose. I believe that the Father’s heart is for us to know who we are in Him and what His will is for us as His children.

In this new book, I dig deep into Scripture to find who God says we are and what His purposes are for us beyond what we can see. To find what it’s all “FOR”. The why behind it all.

In the text we look at the life of many Biblical giants like Paul, David, and Moses to reveal God’s grace and His intentions. I want to invite you to join me on this ride! Come with me as we set our eyes on the purposes and heart of the Father. We are meant for so much more than what the flesh offers.

We are meant to be Set Free To Be Set Apart!

Love, J.E. Berry


Download a free sample chapter of Set Free To Be Set Apart here!

Let me know what you think!


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