Currently booking for Fall/Winter Events and House Concerts!

*See House Tour booking information below.

J.E. would love to join you and your community!

For booking information, please fill out the form below and let J.E. know how she can serve you best!

*For bookings more than 1 hour outside of the Columbus, OH area, travel expenses must be provided.

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House Concert

The House Concert Tour is a series of intimate living room concerts where the artist and the friends come close and enter into an atmosphere of personal encounter with God through music, fellowship, and fun.

Become a house concert host:

You simply need to fill out the above booking form (upon booking you agree to house concert terms below), select a tour date you prefer, make your home available and invite your friends and loved ones (a minimum of 15) for a personal concert. You can host in whatever capacity you see fit. (suggestion: make snacks and water available, use FaceBook or text as an inviting tool [a graphic will be provided upon booking])

House Concert Tour Terms
What you can expect:
* A full night of music with J.E. Berry at an intimate in-home concert for you and a group of your friends, their friends, and neighbors. Starting at 7pm.
* J.E. Berry will provide all music, sound equipment, and merchandise for purchase.
*An artist Q&A session
* Door ticketing ($10 per/person [except host])