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The Truth About Happiness Journal

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The Truth About Happiness Journal, is a perfect companion to The Truth About Happiness Book by J.E. Berry, also available on Amazon and Kindle. This journal has Scripture, Prayer, and encouraging outtakes from the book.

The Truth About Happiness Book

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The great dream of the world. To be “HAPPY”. But what does that even look like in our eyes? Do we have a true grasp on what that means or even how we draw it from the source? Most of us have started off with a false perception of what happiness is. Rather a believer or not.

In a world struggling to define and understand what happiness looks like, The Truth About Happiness comes as a cool breeze where there seems to be little air to breathe at all. Offering clarity on the topic of happiness through biblical truths and encouragement to help readers carry out those truths. Addressing practical struggles, such as suffering, choices and perception, with practical scripture text to produce spiritual growth, discovery, and personal Bible study.

The Truth About Happiness is a personal journey for each reader. Each chapter focuses on areas that can keep us from experiencing the fullness of joy in Christ while offering encouragement and hope through Scriptural truth. Each chapter also includes a personal reflection and challenge for readers. The author offers an honest look at real life topics while challenging readers to actively weed out the hindering seeds deep within and walk with Christ toward a life He has designed for them.

J.E. Berry  Author

Available on Amazon and Kindle!

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  • Takes readers on an investigation to find true joy in Jesus through honest self-examination
  • Uses Biblical text and definitions to help readers get a clearer picture of what they are reading and learning
  • Presents several real life happenings that cause a barrier to rise between us and true Joy
  • Uses the pages of The Truth About Happiness to give readers a look at the Biblical truth about what joy looks like and what God’s word says about it
  • Presents conversations to the reader through personal testimonies of life experience and struggles
  • Presents a personal journey to each reader
  • Challenges readers to get explicit with their thoughts to find the truth
  • Encourages readers to go on an active pursuit of God’s will for them


  • Readers will experience interactive conversational style text that connects with them on a person-to-person level
  • Readers will take a look at an assortment of real life scenarios that will help them take a closer look at their own life choices
  • Readers will take a walk through what happiness looks like from a world perspective as well as a Biblical stand point while gaining knowledge of scripture
  • Readers will recognize that they are not in the struggle alone
  • Readers will participate in challenges that will help them practice putting the Biblical truths that they are learning to use
  • Readers will discover new truths about themselves that will bring healing and resolve


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