Set Free to be Set Apart

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Set Free to be Set Apart


Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus, called to be an apostle, set apart for the gospel of God,” Romans 1:1

The Apostle Paul knew who he was and more importantly, whose he was. Confident in his calling, he was able to accomplish the purposes of God, for the glory of God, sewing seeds of the Gospel.

When we mirror his humility, confidence, and heart for God, we find ourselves walking securely in our true identity and upright in our purpose.
In this book, you and I will talk about what God has done for us, who we are in Christ, and why it doesn’t stop there. We will talk about the depth of why our salvation is only the start of what the Father has planned for us in the rest of our journey here on earth.

What we achieve for the Kingdom of God starts with our identity in Christ!

-J.E. Berry, Author

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  • Explores the truth of the believers identity in Christ
  • Uses Biblical text and definitions to help readers understand God’s purpose for them as His children
  • Combs through the lives and experiences of Biblical figures to reveal God’s grace and direction for His people
  • Uses the pages of Set Free To Be Set Apart to give readers a look at the Biblical truth of our purpose in the Body of Christ
  • Challenges readers to get explicit with their thoughts to find the truth and live purposefully and intently
  • Challenges readers to take ownership of the commission placed in the hands of the believer
  • Encourages readers to go on an active pursuit of God’s will for them
  • Infuses courage in readers to live out the great commission


  • Readers will experience interactive conversational style text that connects with them on a person-to-person level
  • Readers will be challenged to examine Scripture and apply it to their lives
  • Readers will be challenged to take on a Biblical worldview
  • Readers will recognize that they are a part of God’s big picture and plan
  • Readers will discover new truths about themselves and the Father that will reveal truth, promote action, and endorse intentionality

What readers are saying about

“Set Free to be Set Apart”

“Berry’s practical and fluid way of teaching reminds us through scripture and stories that not only is peace attainable, but so is freedom. That’s one of the reasons I’m a big fan of J.E. Berry. I often feel the pressure to succumb under my circumstances, experiences from my past or even just the busyness of life. Set Free to be Set Apart is one to be read again and again as needed. A great prescription for a troubled heart.”

Shauna Shanks (Author of “A Fierce Love”) –

“Jade is the perfect guide to lead you on you journey to freedom, because she has only one motive, to introduce you to the Savior, Jesus Christ. As you are set free you will desire to live set apart.”

Joy Anisa (Author and speaker) –


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