J.E. Berry uses her vibrant and compassionate personality to take audiences on a ride with her, as she explores basic Biblical life application in a living room style atmosphere. She brings an inviting, positive energy that creates a comfortable space for audiences to receive.  Also as a speaker she explores things that hinder us from moving forward in our walk with Christ. Such as people pleasing, unhappiness, un-forgiveness and much more, to lend a hand in encouraging women as they move forward in grace offered through Christ. She draws from her blemished and painful past to connect with audiences and encourage forward motion.

Available for:

Women’s Events




Breakout Sessions



MOPS Groups

Discussion Panels

Popular speaking topics

The Truth About Happiness Exposing the lies we believe about happiness to uncover Christ’s lasting joy

Set Free to be Set Apart–  A life lived from purposeful freedom for a purposeful God.

“Renamed”Living from identity in Christ identified

Unveiling the culprits that steal from usA close look at the things we allow to come in and steal what Christ has already won on our behalf

Surrender: “Putting it All in the Basket”- What does it look like to truly surrender? An in depth look into areas that we may not be surrendering fully to God

Being IntentionalAn encouraging conversation on what it means to live for Christ on purpose

Living a Balanced LifeYes or No? Learning what’s meant for us and the difference between living and surviving.


J.E. Berry Speaker One Sheet




Speaking Calendar:



J.E. Berry
Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @jeberryspeaks
Email: j.elyseberry@gmail.com

To request J.E. Berry as a speaker for your event, please fill out the form below and include as much information regarding the event as you can.



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