J. E Berry - (renamed) Front-2

Official Release Date: August 10th, 2018

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Still Waters

The Plea

*All music and lyrics written by J.E. Berry.  Copyright (C) 2016 by  J.E. Berry

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You can Book J.E. Berry for a House Concert! 


House Concert Tour Dates: 

  • August 10th   (Location: TBD)
  • August 11th  (Location: TBD)
  • August 17th  (Location: TBD)
  • August 18th  (Location: TBD)
  • August 24th  (Location: TBD)
  • August 25th (Location: TBD)
  • August 31st   (Location: TBD)
  • September 1st (Location: TBD)