Ask the Teacher

You know, as we age and see the greys popping up like jiffy on the sides of our hair lines. It seems like asking for help might as well be torture. If you're anything like me, in your head you've convinced yourself that you have eight arms and a few extra hours in your day … Continue reading Ask the Teacher

The Truth Is In The Valley

Don't you just love that feeling of nostalgia you get when it seems like all is right with the world. When your bank account isn't negative and the traffic's just right on your way home. Maybe, your kid just got an A+ on a project at school and your next in line for promotion. Your … Continue reading The Truth Is In The Valley

Choices Challenge #4: Making the Choice to BE

Walking around my humble abode and assessing my work load for today was a bit daunting this morning. I literally said, "I feel like the walls are closing in on me." as I stood in my life stricken closet. I stood there wondering how in the world things can be so messy when all I … Continue reading Choices Challenge #4: Making the Choice to BE

Stop Thinking Like A Mom

It took me some time to think on what I thought this first post should look like. I thought about all these different topics (over thinking them all) and it took a major event to bring me to what's coming up in the next few paragraphs. Major events tend to do things like rock your … Continue reading Stop Thinking Like A Mom