My Heart for His Passion

For Passion week this Easter, I have written my heart in an article titled Everlasting  Consideration on a wonderful blog called, We Are His Daughters with my friend Mandy Hill. "Our King not only justifies us, He lavishes a grace on us that offers security and rest from all guilt and shame. In His careful … Continue reading My Heart for His Passion

Audience of ONE

One of the most eye twitching scenarios you come across as a writer, is when you have written something that you think is a masterpiece and your loved ones barely raise an eyebrow to it. Or when you ask them have they read your article on "blah blah blah" and they say, "OH, I didn't … Continue reading Audience of ONE

The Mommy Mask

Since it's the month of costumes, I have some intriguing thoughts about a specific piece of costume that we wear. You know, as a mother it can seem like our title ends at "butt wiper" or "short order chef". Our tireless days and nights surround us endlessly and we can feel as if we are … Continue reading The Mommy Mask

The Mary Challenge Daily #6: Pray Pray and Pray Some More

OK.....I know I know, I'm a day late and a dollar short. But that's OK because this challenge is only a small part of a larger life mission. I don't know about you, but this challenge has really made me realize how agenda focused we can be. We all have our agendas and schedules in … Continue reading The Mary Challenge Daily #6: Pray Pray and Pray Some More

The Mary Challenge Daily #5: Journal Observations

Through this challenge, I have really been convicted about the time that I spend doing unnecessary things when I could be doing things that matter, as well as about how distracted I am by things that have no value. Thinking of these things really led me to cry out to the Father to help me … Continue reading The Mary Challenge Daily #5: Journal Observations

Monday Meet & Treat

Today I have something special for you! I want to introduce you to my very special friend Michelle Moore. She has an incredible heart to se us women walk out our faith armed and ready! She has written an incredible book called Arm Yourself that I will be giving away as part of this awesome … Continue reading Monday Meet & Treat