Trading My Rights for His Righteousness

Our self-righteousness and our need to partake in the so-called rights we have may actually be drawing a line in the sand between us and  Christ. Our "rights", as important as we have made them, are simply vanity in the big scheme of things. They cannot earn us freedom and neither can the self-righteousness we hold so dearly to.

Ask the Teacher

You know, as we age and see the greys popping up like jiffy on the sides of our hair lines. It seems like asking for help might as well be torture. If you're anything like me, in your head you've convinced yourself that you have eight arms and a few extra hours in your day … Continue reading Ask the Teacher

Choice Challenge #10: Making the Choice to Choose

Okay, so I'm still practicing the art of gorging on the word of God. But let me tell you, I didn't realize that my spirit man was not as nourished as I thought it was. We don't realize how many other things we choose to interact with that have nothing to do with Jesus until … Continue reading Choice Challenge #10: Making the Choice to Choose