Trading My Rights for His Righteousness

Our self-righteousness and our need to partake in the so-called rights we have may actually be drawing a line in the sand between us and  Christ. Our "rights", as important as we have made them, are simply vanity in the big scheme of things. They cannot earn us freedom and neither can the self-righteousness we hold so dearly to.

Audience of ONE

One of the most eye twitching scenarios you come across as a writer, is when you have written something that you think is a masterpiece and your loved ones barely raise an eyebrow to it. Or when you ask them have they read your article on "blah blah blah" and they say, "OH, I didn't … Continue reading Audience of ONE

The Mommy Mask

Since it's the month of costumes, I have some intriguing thoughts about a specific piece of costume that we wear. You know, as a mother it can seem like our title ends at "butt wiper" or "short order chef". Our tireless days and nights surround us endlessly and we can feel as if we are … Continue reading The Mommy Mask

Monday Meet & Treat

Today I have something special for you! I want to introduce you to my very special friend Michelle Moore. She has an incredible heart to se us women walk out our faith armed and ready! She has written an incredible book called Arm Yourself that I will be giving away as part of this awesome … Continue reading Monday Meet & Treat

To Know is to Hold

Typically i post something a little lengthy, but today I just want to leave you with a little nugget. Most of us refuse to acknowledge our struggle to acknowledge responsibility. But let's be honest with ourselves for a minute. We obtain extensive amounts of knowledge daily, from devotions, news, people, etc. But at most we … Continue reading To Know is to Hold

Ask the Teacher

You know, as we age and see the greys popping up like jiffy on the sides of our hair lines. It seems like asking for help might as well be torture. If you're anything like me, in your head you've convinced yourself that you have eight arms and a few extra hours in your day … Continue reading Ask the Teacher

Fishermen Not Used Car Salesmen

One of the world's most awkward scenarios, is the dreaded car shopping scene. You put your sunglasses and  game face on while you prepare yourself to be bombarded and interviewed by the ambitious sales team. Your whole demeanor changes as soon as you get out of the car and walk on the lot. In your … Continue reading Fishermen Not Used Car Salesmen